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How to be Happy in Life and Love: A guide to living the life you deserve

By Pascale Lane


In this book you’ll learn:

- The importance of understanding your past and how it informs your present

- Why having good friends is so important for your well-being and how having the wrong people around you can be toxic

- Why good communication is vital for all your relationships

- The Law of Attraction and why it might not be working for you

- Why goals and personal development are so important for you

- The benefits of self-care and having time to yourself .... and more!


"This book has reinforced information that I feel I knew already, but in much simpler context. It has made me consider how my childhood experiences have made me who I am and the importance of looking after myself including removing 'toxic' people from my life that may have impacted my achievements. This book has also prompted me to make a list of my goals, create a visual board and make regular time for my own learning."